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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 7 "Peer Relations"

The Blog Marketing Tips A Success

The blog marketing tips series is getting along quite well, my visitors feedback is proving to me that it was the right choice to talk about these techniques because a lot of people have emailed me to tell me how much they have learned from these simple tips.

Peer Relationships

Now about peer relations, if you have ever read a blog marketing or blog traffic tips newsletter or e-book then you might have read a tip about making relationships with other bloggers and webmasters, so we all go out emailing the top bloggers in our niche and the top site owners also, and we rarely ever get a reply and if we do it is just a complementary one, and most of the time it is just another employee that replies to our email so we start neglecting this great tip about peer relationships.

Your True Peers

The thing is that when I say peer relations I do not mean those top blogs and popular bloggers, actually I mean that you should contact bloggers in your niche market that are at the same level that you are playing at. In other words if you get 100 daily visitors then contact the bloggers that get a range between 70 and 150 daily visits, because they will more likely respond to you, actually they will be glad that you contacted them. Those same level bloggers form your community so go make some friends out there.

Why You Need Peer Relations

Nobody can live without friends, it's the same on the Internet because when you first start you blog you don't have any followers of fans, but if you have friends that have started a blog earlier then you then that might just be your chance to get some traffic, if they refer you to their readers in one of their blog posts, if they add a link to your blog in the sidebar, that not only will send you a spark of new readers, but also will get you indexed in google faster, and if you have enough friends that link to your blog then you will start getting a higher pagerank in google, and higher search engine ranks also, so again I will tell you get out there and make some friends, and if you would like, I'd love to be one of your friends.


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