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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 4 "Forum Marketing"

Forums are not just websites they are communities of people with the same interest and mind set, which is a great advantage for you. That's because a forum gathers lots of people that are interested in the same niche in one place, so if that niche is your topic then you have a pot of gold in front of you, because in a forum you have the option to create a signature file that is attached to every post you submit, that file contains a link back to your blog which people could click.

So your target on a forum would be to establish credibility because the more useful your posts and threads on a forum the more likely other people on the forum would want to see what else you have to say on your own blog.

Another thing you could do on a forum is make friends with experts in your niche market, they could help you a lot with issues that come up, and problems that you face, plus that link back to your blog could help increase your blog's pagerank.

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amr.m.rezk said...

one of my personal favourites is a forum called website babble.

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