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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 1 "Leaving Comments On Other Blogs"

This tip is a good way to start spreading the word about your blog because each comment you make has a link back to your blog so if you wrote a good and useful comment, most likely anyone who reads it will want to know more about you and click the link back to your blog to see what else you have to say.

While blog commenting is easy it can be a very important marketing tool, but it's not about just leaving a complement like "Nice Post", it's about leaving a good and useful comment something like"I think you are right about ......... , but my opinion is that .........." and if you already wrote a similar article on your blog refer to it in something like "and I hade a similar post on my blog (BLOG LINK) tell me what you think".

I just would like to add that the more time you spend on each comment to make it more useful and informative the more likely visitors the other blog has will want to visit your blog just to see what else you got to say.

This method will get you something between 50 and a 100 unique visits each day if you work on it consistantly and for as long as you do it, one more thing to say, you need to comment at 8 to 10 blogs to reach these numbers, and see you soon.


amr.m.rezk said...

If you like this strategy, leaving comments on other blogs why don't you start here?

Chris Hecker said...

This is a great strategy, that I am going to try. I think it'll also be a great way to visit other blogs in my niche. Visiting other blogs is a very good way to get ideas of what to write about. I can also learn alot from other blogs. Thanks for the excellent post.

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