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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SEO Alphabet

The alphabet is well related to the Search Engine Optimization in many ways, here's a list of tips helping you to stay friends with the Search engines.

A: alt tags

Because humans can see images doesn't mean that bot's can. Actually they don't so that's why we add alt tags, yes, that's right it is an alternative for the bot's to index.
B: backLinks

The cornerStone for any search engine friendly site is backLinks so aim for good quality backLinks.

C: content

Search Engines love content, So always bribe the S.E. with good and original content.
D: directory submit

Submit you blog to directories, because that makes you show up a lot and is also counted as a backLink.
E: elements "html"

Learn how to write complete element tags in xHTML they are very useful.

F: frames & flash

These are still unfriendly to search engines, so minimize the use of flash in your blog and delate all the frames.

G: google

Google is the cream of the internet, if you make friends with google you will benefit a lot.
ranking there is easy as long as you play by the rules, and have good content.

H: headings

The headings are easy to write, and tell the bots that the page and content are well organized, and also tell the bots what is more important.

I: internal linking

Your navigation should be easy to use for humans and for the bots because it helps the bots crawl your site or blog easily and index all the pages.

J: javaScript

JavaScript menus look cool, I know but the bots don't follow links in JS so use html links.

K: KeyWords

Brainstorm your keywords, use tools like word tracker or adsense keyword tool , research your keywords frequently to tweek them.

L: layout & linking system

Always start your layout design on a peice of paper, when you find it appealing start designing it, it makes the whole difference in the number of page views.

Linking system is your navigation which controles if visitors can walk through your site easily or is it a maze, also bots don't do the hard work if a page is deep in your site they won't search for it.

M: meta tags

No matter what they say, meta tags still are important, the proof to that is that your title and discription are what appear in the search results.

N: niche

Choose your niche wizely because if it's too competitive you're going to have a hard time ranking for keywords, while smaller niches give you a chance to fight.

O: other blogs

Commenting on other blogs still gives you a small stream of visitors, at the beginning that small stream is important.
P: pagerank

Basically the more backlinks you have the higher PageRank you get, so just work on your content and marketing and people will naturally link to your blog or site when they find your content good enough.
Q: quality content

The quality of your content is the core of the process, why else does anybody visit a site or blog twice?
R: relevant site links

Not all incomming links are good, only the relevant sites linking to your blog will add to your pageRank, so try to get them.

S: spell check

It is very frustrating to write a great article or submit a great post and find a spelling mistake in it, it's just too unprofessional. ALWAYS check your spelling.

T: tweaking

I'm always happy to find a better way to do something, or a better keyword to target.

U: underLine

Underlining a word or phrase is just as important as making it bold or italic, this applies to both humans and bots.
V: visual content

Adding images and videos to your blog draws more attention and keeps visitors longer, besides google loves it.
W: wake up

Wake up and stay alert for changes that your competition makes, and the chang in rankings for keywords, in order to find out what you need to tweak and what you are doing right.

X: x ray

Don't just take a look at things, dig deep to find the real reasons and causes, ask all the what? why? when? and HOW? questions.
Y: yahoo

Yahoo is not as strong as it was before but still is a respectful directory and search engine, that's why you should try to rank there.
Z: zoo theory

The zoo theory states that when animals are kept in cages they lose their basic instincts, The bloggers theory states that if a blogger doesn't try to learn new techniques all the time he just disappears.

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