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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogs, The Cause and Purpose

Blog marketing is not about getting people to visit your blog because that is actually the easy part, blog marketing is about getting the first time visitors to come again, and again eager for new information, tips, techniques, and help. While there are steps you can follow to get your blog up and running with a lot of daily visitors, blog marketing remains a game of creativity, an art that can be learnt and mastered, sometimes you just have to follow your heart's guidance instead of the knowledge that you have obtained in your mind.

Like when you write an article that you don't find a purpose for but deep in your heart you feel that it is what your readers want to see, most likely you'll never post this article, but if you do find the confidance to do so, you will find that it did amuse and educate your readers because if it came from your heart it will most likely touch your readers hearts.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Marketing Tips # 9 "Content The Other Forms"

Content is king, we always hear that from popular webmasters and marketers, but the question is What is content? We usualy take the meaning of web content for granted as the text that is written on a website or blog neglecting the power of media, but actually there is more to it then that. Content is any form of data that you show on your site or blog, which means that even your image in your about me page is considered content, yes that's true, and to prove it if you have an image like that and that page is indexed and you allow image indexing on your blog, go to google image search and search for that image, you will find it there.

The forms of content that you can add to your blog or site are Text, Images, Videos, Audios, Pdfs, and more but these are the most popular. So a bit of advice would be to write good articles, add nice images with keywords in the name and in the tags, upload cool and relevant videos that promote your stuff, and give away helpful pdf files that you wrote.

It is important to add other forms of content because if words can say a lot, a single image can say a 1000 words, so an image can bring you visitors more then a whole article can, then imagine what a video could do, think about a youtube video that has 45,000 views, just a single video can get you in one month more visitors to your blog then you have ever had.

So start adding different kinds of content to your site and don't under estimate the power of media.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog Marketing Tips # 8 "E mail Newsletter"

Your Newsletter

Owning an Email list means that you are getting volunteers applying to you in order to become your business leads. You can sell your products or products that you affiliate to these leads because as subscribers to your newsletter they have proven to be of the same mindset as you and as the products that you are selling.

E mail Marketing Is Hard Work But Easy Outcome

Working on getting a large number of subscribers to your email list is a lot of hard work, and there are techniques that should be applied in order to urge your first time visitors to become regular visitors by subscribing to your newsletter, these techniques are considered as an incentive for your visitors.

What To Give Your Subscribers

"The more you give the more you get" This is one of the pillar rules of marketing. So, on the same basis we as marketers consider the word FREE as the most important tool in marketing because it means giving a certain value with nothing in return. That is what appears but actually there is something in return!

How Is Free Stuff A Marketing Tool?

We as bloggers want to make money by selling our products or other people's products. The problem is that most of us think that the whole value comes from the money paid for a certain product, which is not true because the true value is in being able to sell products to the same customers time and time again. So, as marketers our goal should be to convince more and more visitors to join out newsletter because it is our way to sell them our products.
Now to to get their money you give them a product, but to get their subscription you give them something of a high value but for free, actually not for free but for their subscription, for being a follower and a business lead. That's where the FREE tool comes in handy.

Incentives To Use

Write a free report about how to do something related to your niche topic and make that report a free gift to your newsletter subscribers, conduct a pod cast or interview with a famous opinion leader of your niche and allow your readers to get a copy when they join your newsletter, these are just examples of the incentives that you could give your readers.

Once more I would like to repeat an important marketing rule that says "The more value you give, the more you get in return".

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