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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Web Design Guide

Web design apparently isn't as hard as it seems to be, this website called my web design guide is a complete guide teaching and explaining all aspects of design in simple and clear words. If you want to learn anything about design basics, website usability, or the famous colour theory then just visit this spectacular website, I'd just like to add that it has become one of my personal favorite websites.

The Best Web Design Guide is the coolest website out there explaining all the basics of web design

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogs, The Cause and Purpose

Blog marketing is not about getting people to visit your blog because that is actually the easy part, blog marketing is about getting the first time visitors to come again, and again eager for new information, tips, techniques, and help. While there are steps you can follow to get your blog up and running with a lot of daily visitors, blog marketing remains a game of creativity, an art that can be learnt and mastered, sometimes you just have to follow your heart's guidance instead of the knowledge that you have obtained in your mind.

Like when you write an article that you don't find a purpose for but deep in your heart you feel that it is what your readers want to see, most likely you'll never post this article, but if you do find the confidance to do so, you will find that it did amuse and educate your readers because if it came from your heart it will most likely touch your readers hearts.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Marketing Tips # 9 "Content The Other Forms"

Content is king, we always hear that from popular webmasters and marketers, but the question is What is content? We usualy take the meaning of web content for granted as the text that is written on a website or blog neglecting the power of media, but actually there is more to it then that. Content is any form of data that you show on your site or blog, which means that even your image in your about me page is considered content, yes that's true, and to prove it if you have an image like that and that page is indexed and you allow image indexing on your blog, go to google image search and search for that image, you will find it there.

The forms of content that you can add to your blog or site are Text, Images, Videos, Audios, Pdfs, and more but these are the most popular. So a bit of advice would be to write good articles, add nice images with keywords in the name and in the tags, upload cool and relevant videos that promote your stuff, and give away helpful pdf files that you wrote.

It is important to add other forms of content because if words can say a lot, a single image can say a 1000 words, so an image can bring you visitors more then a whole article can, then imagine what a video could do, think about a youtube video that has 45,000 views, just a single video can get you in one month more visitors to your blog then you have ever had.

So start adding different kinds of content to your site and don't under estimate the power of media.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog Marketing Tips # 8 "E mail Newsletter"

Your Newsletter

Owning an Email list means that you are getting volunteers applying to you in order to become your business leads. You can sell your products or products that you affiliate to these leads because as subscribers to your newsletter they have proven to be of the same mindset as you and as the products that you are selling.

E mail Marketing Is Hard Work But Easy Outcome

Working on getting a large number of subscribers to your email list is a lot of hard work, and there are techniques that should be applied in order to urge your first time visitors to become regular visitors by subscribing to your newsletter, these techniques are considered as an incentive for your visitors.

What To Give Your Subscribers

"The more you give the more you get" This is one of the pillar rules of marketing. So, on the same basis we as marketers consider the word FREE as the most important tool in marketing because it means giving a certain value with nothing in return. That is what appears but actually there is something in return!

How Is Free Stuff A Marketing Tool?

We as bloggers want to make money by selling our products or other people's products. The problem is that most of us think that the whole value comes from the money paid for a certain product, which is not true because the true value is in being able to sell products to the same customers time and time again. So, as marketers our goal should be to convince more and more visitors to join out newsletter because it is our way to sell them our products.
Now to to get their money you give them a product, but to get their subscription you give them something of a high value but for free, actually not for free but for their subscription, for being a follower and a business lead. That's where the FREE tool comes in handy.

Incentives To Use

Write a free report about how to do something related to your niche topic and make that report a free gift to your newsletter subscribers, conduct a pod cast or interview with a famous opinion leader of your niche and allow your readers to get a copy when they join your newsletter, these are just examples of the incentives that you could give your readers.

Once more I would like to repeat an important marketing rule that says "The more value you give, the more you get in return".

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 7 "Peer Relations"

The Blog Marketing Tips A Success

The blog marketing tips series is getting along quite well, my visitors feedback is proving to me that it was the right choice to talk about these techniques because a lot of people have emailed me to tell me how much they have learned from these simple tips.

Peer Relationships

Now about peer relations, if you have ever read a blog marketing or blog traffic tips newsletter or e-book then you might have read a tip about making relationships with other bloggers and webmasters, so we all go out emailing the top bloggers in our niche and the top site owners also, and we rarely ever get a reply and if we do it is just a complementary one, and most of the time it is just another employee that replies to our email so we start neglecting this great tip about peer relationships.

Your True Peers

The thing is that when I say peer relations I do not mean those top blogs and popular bloggers, actually I mean that you should contact bloggers in your niche market that are at the same level that you are playing at. In other words if you get 100 daily visitors then contact the bloggers that get a range between 70 and 150 daily visits, because they will more likely respond to you, actually they will be glad that you contacted them. Those same level bloggers form your community so go make some friends out there.

Why You Need Peer Relations

Nobody can live without friends, it's the same on the Internet because when you first start you blog you don't have any followers of fans, but if you have friends that have started a blog earlier then you then that might just be your chance to get some traffic, if they refer you to their readers in one of their blog posts, if they add a link to your blog in the sidebar, that not only will send you a spark of new readers, but also will get you indexed in google faster, and if you have enough friends that link to your blog then you will start getting a higher pagerank in google, and higher search engine ranks also, so again I will tell you get out there and make some friends, and if you would like, I'd love to be one of your friends.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 6 "Free pdf Report"

Free Reports are an amazing tool to get targeted traffic to your blog, so amazing that you can apply this technique alone and still get huge amounts of traffic, the reason it is so amazing is that the only people who would care to read your report are the people that need the information that you give, so if somebody reads your report that's a clue that he is interested in your niche topic, and if your readers read your report and like what you teach them then they will naturally follow the links that you give them which will point to your blog.

Why do free reports send lots of traffic?

Free Reports send lots of traffic because they are free and people love free things, they also will greatly respect you because you are helping them for free. A free pdf report can reach millions of people on line because it is passed down easily from hand to hand, it is well known that a report like this could beat the number of reads a best seller gets.

What you should do

Get yourself a free pdf document writer and write a 30 page report full of useful information about your niche topic, and post it on your blog, also email popular bloggers in the same niche and tell them about your free report, you might get lucky and get reviewed by that popular blogger, and that's when you reach the large communicatation channels that I told you about in the introduction of this series.
Make sure that you put a link to your blog on each page of the report, and by the way you can insert advertisement and affiliate links into the pdf file and if your report hits it big you'll suddenly find your self rich.

I will soon release a free report about blog marketing tips, be sure to download it, and merry Christmas & a happy new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 5 "Blog Carnivals"

A Blog Carnivals is a post on a blog with links to posts on other blogs on a related niche topic. Blog carnivals are usually linked to from popular blogs on that same niche, so if you submit a really good article to a blog carnival you will benefit greatly from the traffic of the popular blogs, and if the article has some great information most likely those unique visitors will turn into faithful daily visitors.

Because of the frequent submission of articles to the blog carnival it is constantly spidered by the search engines which leads to it appearing in the search engine fast.

Along side of the spike of visitors you will get, you will also get a link back from the posted blog carnival, which will help you get a better page rank in google.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 4 "Forum Marketing"

Forums are not just websites they are communities of people with the same interest and mind set, which is a great advantage for you. That's because a forum gathers lots of people that are interested in the same niche in one place, so if that niche is your topic then you have a pot of gold in front of you, because in a forum you have the option to create a signature file that is attached to every post you submit, that file contains a link back to your blog which people could click.

So your target on a forum would be to establish credibility because the more useful your posts and threads on a forum the more likely other people on the forum would want to see what else you have to say on your own blog.

Another thing you could do on a forum is make friends with experts in your niche market, they could help you a lot with issues that come up, and problems that you face, plus that link back to your blog could help increase your blog's pagerank.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 3 "TrackBacks"

TrackBacking is one of the easiest and at the same time most misunderstood techniques of marketing a blog. This part will explain how TrackBacks are created and the purpose of creating them.

If you are reading a relevant blog and find a great article that you think your readers would like, and you decide to link to it. It's easy to just place a simple link and that's all, but why not benefit from this link you made???

This is where TrackBacks come in handy, they are the means of informing the other blogger that you have linked to his blog, and also you leave a link on his blog back to yours, which is a good thing also, so if you decide to TrachBack a popular blog and by chance your Trackback is one of the first replies to the post, you will get a spike of those readers who want to continue the conversation of more information.

How do you create a TrackBack???
First of all you will link to the URL of the post you want to TrackBack on your blog, now I want the other blogger and his readers to know that I have linked to this post, so I go back to his blog and find where it says something like TrackBack this post, when you click on that link a pop up will appear, you will find a link there called the TrackBack URL, copy that and go back to your blog and paiste it where it says URLs to ping.

Now you are finished creating a TrackBack, and the other blogger and his readers will know that you have linked to this post and they even will see a link back to your post.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 2 "Tag and Ping"

Ping Your Blogs is a very easy said and done technique, that's why it is done by each and every new blogger, although it is not as valuable as it was before but you should still do it because it is good to inform the search engines about the updates that you recently made.

This process is done by writing a code on your blog so it automatically pings another site or you could manually do it at a site like pingomatic .

At some point you will find that the search engines check your blog for new content without you pinging them, this level is achieved by writing fresh and original content regularly, and this is a task that is not easy.

I guess I'll just go and ping the search engines so they index this new post, see you there.

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