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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blog Marketing Tips # 6 "Free pdf Report"

Free Reports are an amazing tool to get targeted traffic to your blog, so amazing that you can apply this technique alone and still get huge amounts of traffic, the reason it is so amazing is that the only people who would care to read your report are the people that need the information that you give, so if somebody reads your report that's a clue that he is interested in your niche topic, and if your readers read your report and like what you teach them then they will naturally follow the links that you give them which will point to your blog.

Why do free reports send lots of traffic?

Free Reports send lots of traffic because they are free and people love free things, they also will greatly respect you because you are helping them for free. A free pdf report can reach millions of people on line because it is passed down easily from hand to hand, it is well known that a report like this could beat the number of reads a best seller gets.

What you should do

Get yourself a free pdf document writer and write a 30 page report full of useful information about your niche topic, and post it on your blog, also email popular bloggers in the same niche and tell them about your free report, you might get lucky and get reviewed by that popular blogger, and that's when you reach the large communicatation channels that I told you about in the introduction of this series.
Make sure that you put a link to your blog on each page of the report, and by the way you can insert advertisement and affiliate links into the pdf file and if your report hits it big you'll suddenly find your self rich.

I will soon release a free report about blog marketing tips, be sure to download it, and merry Christmas & a happy new year.


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